Keeping Up with Fashion When You Are Expecting

Keeping Up with Fashion When You Are Expecting

Keeping Up with Fashion When You Are Expecting

Maternity fashion has been on the back burner for a long time, but in past handful of years, maternity clothing has had a boom in expansion and more extensive selection according to the occasion, style preferences, and so much more.

In the late 90s, celebrities started using maternity fashion as statement pieces which sent the media looking for more ground to cover. Over the next five years up until 2003, maternity clothing experienced a growth in demand and ranges available up to ten percent. Markets both on the high street and in more widely accessible stores started coming out with maternity lines featuring jeans, deep v-necks as well as evening gowns and other dresses.

From then on, maternity fashion has been growing in accessibility and in styles. That means that you can be stylish as an expecting mom and your baby bump will not prevent you from looking even more like a million bucks. Out mother and grandmothers have had extremely limited choices the further back in time we go. Today, however options are abundant, and the market will only continue to grow.

Despite the fact that maternity fashion is widely available for all price ranges, some mothers-to-be would simply rather make what they already have work for them and save the cash. That is understandable as some women already work at home and do not need to leave the house much so one nice outfit could be enough for them. After all, people are different, and everyone has their own lifestyle and preferences.

Starting with the fundamentals, there are a number of style basics that you can abide by when choosing out new pieces and when you are styling your outfit.

Showing some skin is not bad. Opt for a t-shirt or a tank top that looks really goof on you in a color that compliments your skin tone and your hair color. For small-chested women, pregnancy offers a one-time chance to enjoy some extra cleavage. Scoop-necks and V-neck shirts and sweaters have never been more fun.
Skinny jeans might have been your favorite kind of trousers to wear before your pregnancy. Now you might be wondering if it looks good or if you should go for sweatpants.

Worry not because many lines have a skinny jean on the deck made of stretchy fabric that will flaunt your new curves. Same goes for leather leggings. Go for your style and find a maternity-friendly option.
Snug is better than bulky. As pregnancy changes the body, many women start feeling incredibly big and often exaggerate their size. As a result, they go for chunky knits and oversized pants, but all that does is just make you look bigger instead of smaller.

Go for slim clothing instead and accentuate the best parts of your body. That does not necessarily mean to show a lot of skin. Even putting on a color that looks amazing on you can make all the difference. For your next outfit, opt for skinny trousers, a dress shirt and a fitting shirt underneath. Go for a thin but warm scarf instead of a chunky one.

Bright colors are your friends once your baby bump becomes more prominent. Flaunt your bump instead of trying to cover it up because it is a beautiful thing. Go for bright colors and if you really love your neutrals than add a pop of color as an accessory. A black outfit can look even more stylish with a brach sweater or shawl around your shoulders. Play around with your closet and do not shy away from trying out new looks and color combinations.
Speaking of, experimenting with decorative motifs makes an outfit youthful and cheerful. A ruffled trim can go a long way.

Why not add a floral embroidered shirt to your wardrobe? Maybe a beaded accent would be your new favorite? Pick something you genuinely enjoy wearing and do not be afraid of patterns as being bold and beautiful is more than achievable especially during pregnancy.

The key to modern maternity fashion is to adapt the trend to your likings and to your body instead of molding yourself to the trends. In fact, maternity fashion is not all that different from regular fashion, if you think about it. The trick is always to pick out flattering pieces that will suit your skin tone, your hair, and eye color, as well as your body type. Another thing that is probably the most important thing is your personality.

Being comfortable and feeling good is a priority in fashion, especially during a pregnancy. It is advised that women stir clear of clothing that is too tight because it constricts to blood flow. Tight fitted clothing is ok to wear but tight and smothering are very different.

Whatever the outfit, you should always have a versatile and stylish bag by your side, A crossbody bag is the best choice for expecting women. A highly popular choice this season has been the Oroton shoulder bags, and you will be able to enjoy the bag after pregnancy as a stylish purse never goes out of fashion.

In terms of trousers, it is more than alright to opt for something lower in price. There is very little need to splurge on maternity jeans when there are good options for less. On their website, Swap has maternity jeans for as low as six dollars.


Such is the market that options overflow these days. For some, it is essential to find something suitable and practical, and for others splurging is not a problem. The bottom line is, think about your lifestyle and what you find yourself needing often. Go through close and pick the things you have no problem wearing even though the pieces are not marketed as ”maternity clothing”. Next, figure out what are the essential pieces that you are lacking and start from there. As long as you are comfortable and feel good about an outfit, it is bound to be stylish.

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