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Also looking for fashion style?

Then look at big feeds dams mode at pollycraft!

Nice to take a look at pollycraft.

Pollycraft specializes in new women’s fashion for the fashion conscious

Our Online Webshop Kay Fashion

In our first webshop where we are happy to offer our good brand Magna Fashion. In addition, we recently launched the new big size ladies brand Luna Serena.

We ship our large sizes of ladies clothing to customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France and many other countries of Europe, but also to the United States.

In our online webshop pollycraft, we have about 2500 items of which mostly clothing but also nice accessories and footwear!

Our webshop is available 24 hours online for shopping and ordering.

Our customer service is available for all questions during the opening hours of our stone store. You can reach us through the online chat, phone, email or the submission of a ticket.

Our Stone Shop pollycraft :

In addition, we also offer a small portion of our large sizes of ladies collection in our stone shop pollycraft in Overpelt (Belgium) just across the border of the Netherlands.

So … have you become curious about our product range?

Let’s visit our spacious stone shop in Overpelt (30 minutes drive from Eindhoven)! The coffee is always ready. Here you can read about the Clothing, Fashion, Jewelry, Kids, Men’s Fashion, and Shopping.

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