Fashion Tips for Capricorn Woman

Fashion Tips for Capricorn Woman

Fashion Tips for Capricorn Woman

Capricorns are determined and hard-working. Once they set out their journey to succeed in their goals, nothing can deter them. They remain firm. They are passionate and optimistic. They have empathy and affection for their dear ones. They always give comfort to their friends and family in times of distress. They are highly practical and not impulsive. They use their analytical skills before taking a decision. Sometimes, they don’t reveal their feelings to anyone, so they are difficult to read. They share emotions only with those, who are reliable for them. They are sensitive and vulnerable. You have to be careful about them because your words or actions can hurt them unknowingly.

Fashion taste of a Capricorn

Capricorn women are stylish and sophisticated. They are mostly serious and mature. They wear jackets, sport blazers and suits. They choose dark shades such as brown, grey, black and navy blue. Capricorn traits are visible in their fashion trend. They prefer comfort over style. Their clothes should be comfortable to carry and not so flashy. Having dark colors in wardrobe doesn’t mean they don’t wear red or other brighter tones. They also like to wear red but they are not as sassy as other signs. They can wear red tank top with a dark blazer over it.

Capricorn women are sophisticated. So, they look for elegance in their dress. They can wear pants, skirts or shorts with a decent sports jacket or a blazer. They like pumps and flat shoes. They choose simple pattern in their clothes rather than vibrant fancy pieces. Horizontal and vertical lines are fine for them. A pair of black slacks and a simple blouse is all they prefer to wear.

Fashion for a night out

As mentioned earlier, Capricorn women like to be sophisticated in their fashion. They know how to be stylish in night parties. They can choose a dark colored or black dress and complement it with a jacket or a blazer. They may like a sleeveless outfit. To accent their look, they will have a clutch and wear dazzling ear rings. They don’t follow fashion blindly but have their own taste. They give preference to comfort and go for practical dresses. Whatever they wear, it will show decency and style.


Capricorn women are conscious about their accessories. They like jewelry with pearls, opals and rubies. Their taste in accessories is diverse. A designer bag, a classy bracelet, a pair of trendy ear rings and elegant finger rings are their choice. To look attractive, wear jewelry that goes well with the outfit and is also suitable with the occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, an evening party or a night-out; select jewelry accordingly. They may wear a scarf too. They choose their shoes carefully. For formal occasions, they have high heels. The shoes can be simple to fancy depending upon the event.

For the intellectual Capricorn women; decency, sophistication and simplicity are the keys to plan their wardrobe.

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