5 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Buy Dolls for Their Children

5 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Buy Dolls for Their Children

5 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Buy Dolls for Their Children

Dolls are one kind of toys every child would have loved at one point in time before growing up. Be it, boys or girls, every kid loves to have a doll which they love to carry around and play with. But in the last few years, the sale of dolls have gone down mainly because of electronic toys and many people deciding not to buy dolls for their kids.

Some people claim that dolls have a negative impact on kids as for how a beautiful woman should be. They say that that the unnatural physique of the dolls, the texture, the way they are built all gives a negative image to kids that might have a negative impact while growing up. But studies conducted show that dolls have a great positive impact on children while growing up. Dolls like that of the Australian girl dolls are very attractive to look at and helps to improve the skills of the kids

Here are some reasons why kids must be gifted with dolls:

Baby dolls provide kids with numerous opportunities to develop their fine motor, cognitive and self-helping skills. It is easier for kids to practice these skills on something or someone else before they apply it to When the kids are about the age of 2 or 3, they start dramatizing with their doll, pretending it to be a living creature that can see, hear, talk, etc.

This type of pretend play is very important in their cognitive development.
Kids master a lot of skills while playing with a girl doll. The kids pretend to scold the doll, dress them up, bath them and feed them. During all these acts the kid develops a sense of kindness towards the doll which is essential in their growing up behavior.

Also, while these actions are performed, the kids develop a variety of skills on their own like holding a spoon, buttoning and unbuttoning a girl clothes and much more.
Some kids might have a fear of water and bathing and have irritation to the use of shampoo, oil, etc. this fear can be overcome by giving a pretend bath to their dolls with all the supplies.

And giving their favorite doll while bathing can avert their attention and little by little reduce the fear of water by a week or two.
Grooming skills and hygiene skills can be developed in a kids mind with the help of dolls. They provide the best opportunity to practice hygiene and grooming skills like brushing or tying up the hair often, brushing the teeth daily before and after bed and washing hands whenever it is necessary. They also learn to use the girl accessories very well

The speech and language skills of kids can be improved with the help of dolls. Even though kids hear the elders communicating with each other and try to grasp the words, it is by practice they become good speakers. Most kids will be shy to speak to the people but will be trying to communicate with their dolls in all ways possible. The kids also develop their skills in the pretend plays often played with their toys.

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