How To Win The Hearts Of Your Fashion Geek Followers

How To Win The Hearts Of Your Fashion Geek Followers

How To Win The Hearts Of Your Fashion Geek Followers

Becoming a fashion writer today is as simple as going online and view runway events anywhere in the world, then post your fashion views. This field is becoming quite competitive with fashion blogs being activated every 0.25 seconds

This anomaly is due to corporate fashion journalist companies reducing their staff sending neophytes and experienced fashion followers to their home Internet connections.

If fashion is in your soul and you are hoping to make it in the “industry,” then start blogging, this is fast becoming a terrific way to begin. There is just one hurdle, how to make yourself stand out in this sea of wannabes and competitors.

How to Start Your Fashion Blog:

Yes, you could comment on fashion events via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., but to be taken more seriously, start your own web domain. There are several popular media platforms you can use, which are both free with minor restrictions and there are very low-cost domain platforms to get you started. Acquiring a domain name lets your followers know that you are serious. On your domain, use today’s catch-all stratagems like emojis, make up creative hashtags, and keep your content trending.

The competitive world of fashion blogging is a celebrity style event unto itself. There are influential online bloggers who have followers and readers who have made them so popular that even celebrities and designer brands know who they are, even though they are blogging from their living rooms. As in life you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. What is special or unique about you that would bring traffic to your posts and websites. Typically, your niche is you – in your own personality and style.

Many independent bloggers have a huge impact on the fashion industry. Globally, the fashion bloggers are becoming household names and are garnering front row seats at fashion runways. They are invited to partner with top campaigns and brands, as well as becoming guests on TV, all of which are turning their mom and pop blogging posts into big financial investments.

A few key ideas to become the next top fashion blogger with millions of followers, include:

Take the time to follow what is happening in fashion, both nationally and internationally because fashion speaks the same language globally. Write consistently, then upload your posts regularly and give tips and stories about your fashion thoughts.

Do not become an advertiser – this is boring. Make your web content an original written piece and not a regurgitation of something that is already in print. Give your readers your 100% personal view and let your personality come through. This also means that your website should not be confusing, but reflect an organized mind which is a draw for professional brands to your site.
You can’t have success if you are not yourself.

Don’t copy other people because your fashion blogs will not work. People can tell when you are genuine and when you are faking it. Find your own unique niche and style and make that your personal statement. Finding your own ‘you’ can sometimes mean trial and error. Your followers will soon let you know what they expect from site, just don’t be thinned skin. The love of fashion is your engine, don’t give up.

Make Yourself a Star – Video:

Video content is today’s success factor. Invite your followers into your fashion life. YouTube video bloggers or ‘vloggers’ are todays influential fashion media writers who are appearing on morning shows, who are invited by designers to fashion shows and who are asked to represent many clothing brands named accessories.


Choose several successful fashion bloggers and look at what they are doing. No, I don’t mean to copy them, simply look at their videos, read their blog style and content. Many established bloggers are open to mentoring new beginners or to help increase your web presence. Oh, by the way, don’t forget that they are also your competitors – listen and learn.


If you are on the scene of a fashion event, use a good camera, even smartphone cameras are well made and then upload clear and colorful photos. Even if you are taking photos of your own outfits and accessories, make sure the photos are sharp.

Pictures are a vital part of fashion blogging. Many people will look at your pictures first before they begin reading. Visually appealing pictures help to stimulate the senses to draw your followers and readers into your point of view. Don’t forget, there is no shame in using editing software, if anything it helps to enhance your fashion presence and to keep your readers interested.

Network Like Crazy:

Don’t take your readers or followers for granted. Make them your close friends. Grow your mailing list and remain active with them by instituting forums and comment sections. To follow fellow bloggers, reach out to them via Skype or another face-to-face medium. You may want to use this medium anyway, especially when that famous clothing brand contacts you – professional designers and clothing brands like to see who they will be working with.

Where’s the Money?

Yes, fashion is your first love, so there is no shame in turning your posts into a financial gain for yourself. As your blog takes off, bloggers are offered gratuities, yes take them with a thank you, but also don’t be coy to ask for payment when a brand wants to promote something through your website. After all, to stay relevant it takes promotions and sponsorship.

Remember, it is a feel-good moment for a brand to recognize your blogs. But remember to keep your standards and only work with brands that help their consumers and are a brand that you will be proud to stand for. Your followers are consumer smart and if you’re not true to yourself, they will leave your blog site in droves.


Becoming a successful fashion blogger means that you represent yourself as an expert. Take first steps by pitching yourself through your local magazines or news sources and bring a unique storyline to showcase your own expertise. Contact professional fashion publications and pitch your posts and videos that may present a new look at a particular fashion runway or event. A good fashion blogger plans, offers creativity, and works, works, works thoughtfully and hard.

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