Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Gold Pendants

Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Gold Pendants

Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Gold Pendants

A Gold pendant is considered as an elegant fashion trend that is in vogue. If you purchase quality gold, you can enjoy its beauty and perfection throughout your life. Such jewelries are so durable that they are passed on from one generation to another. Before purchasing, it is important to collect relevant information to ensure what you purchased is of standard quality.

Here in this article, we have listed few key factors that you need to look into when purchasing a gold pendant. These can be used as your buying tips that provide useful insights into the gold material and help you make a smart buying decision.

100 percent pure or not:

  • Gold is a metal that is measured in ratio 24ths. When purchasing 24-carat gold ornament, you need to ensure that it is 100 percent pure and there are no mixed impurities in 24-carat gold.
  • 18-carat gold ornament will have 18 parts gold in ratio to 6 parts impurity (alloy)
  • 14-carat gold ornament will have 10 parts alloy mixed in ratio with 14 parts of gold
  • 9-carat gold ornament will have 15 parts alloy mixed with 9 parts gold

Depending on this the pendant you purchase may be 100 percent pure to around 37.5 percent pure. If you are buying a pendant that is made up of 24-carat gold, then you may have to pay more price as compared to one that is 9 or 18 carat.

Alloys are in general added to the gold to offer hardness and some time to change its colour. You can find one that is mixed with either silver or platinum or even copper.

This factor affects the overall cost of the pendant or other gold jewelry.  In some places, 14-carat and 18-carat gold pendants are more popular due to the cost factor.

Measure of purity:

When speaking of Carat, it is not the weight but its purity level. Carat rates the purity level of the gold used in making the ornament you purchased. Higher carat ratings mean that the gold is better quality. Gold ornaments are measured in gram. When buying pendants, you can read its carat rating marked on the ornament. These ratings are termed as hallmarked. The rate of the gold may vary depending on the market trend.


This signifies the purity of the gold used in making the pendant. The system of rating initially originated in London but is presently used worldwide. When purchasing a pendant, you may come across three distinct types of hallmarks: –

  • Makers mark also called as the sponsors mark
  • Purity mark or the fineness mark
  • Assay mark

This mark also signifies that the purity of the gold used can be trusted. Apart from this, the gold is only marked after it has been tested and certified by association. The hallmark numbers marked for different carat gold may be different in different countries.

You have to keep in mind that a jeweler is not eligible to sell any gold ornament or gold pendant unless it is certified and marked. This helps consumers to ensure that they have invested money in purchasing the right ornament.

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